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Different types of pressure gauges are required in various technological processes. Among the various models, we offer the pressure sensors for all branches of industry, wireless pressure transmitters, multichannel pressure scanners and specific high-pressure gauges for aerospace and energetic industry.


Temperature sensors and transmitters have different design and specifications. We manufacture temperature sensors according to the customer demand. For multi-channel measurement for test turbine engines, diesel engines, compressors and other industrial environments we offer temperature scanners.


Vibration monitoring is needed in various industries: mechanical engineering, microelectronics, automotive, energy, aviation, etc. Among the variety of vibration sensors we can distinguish vibration accelerometer. To calibrate and verify the sensors, vibration calibrators are widely used. During the test, shakers are installed.


The presented models of microphones and sound level meters are used for acoustic measurements, measurements of sound levels or sound pressure. The main purposes of the instruments are product testing, determination of the noise characteristics of the noise sources, the study of sound insulation. Among the models you can easily find the one which will solve your problem.


Presented extensometers meet the extensive needs when testing different materials and designs. This class of instrumentation is designed to define and measure the parameters of the mechanical deformation of solids materials. With the extensometer you can measure voltage under static and dynamic load. We believe that between presented models of extensometers, you will find a suitable one which will meet your needs for testing.


We offer you various models of flowmeters. With a variety of flow measurement principles, they differ in their performance and scope. Among the models of flow you can easily find the one that will solve your problem.


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