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Participation in the scientific and technical congress on engine-building


The International Forum of Engine Building is an annual event uniting the leading experimental and serial enterprises of the engine-building industry, aggregation engineering and instrument-making, metallurgy.

The forum traditionally organized scientific and technical progress in engine-building, which included 19 symposia.

In 2018 were discussed issues related to the creation of engines for various purposes and the specifics of their production processes at the congress.

Were raised questions on the problems of engine operation throughout the entire life cycle, on the organization of after-sales service and many others.

The company EL-SCADA for the first time took part in the congress. Rodionov A.V.,

ChPrEng EL-SCADA, made a presentation on the topic “Creating test benches” at a symposium dedicated to the improvement of test methods and test equipment. The main theses of the report are:

· Combining all stages of test bench development

· Unification of technical solutions, reducing their cost

· Reducing the time to develop and implement

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