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Mechanical elements of testing

For the tests a number of equipment not directly associated with the process, but necessary for the operation of the special conditions or simulation is required. According to the examples of work on aircraft engines we can manufacture elements such as:

Thrust reverser flow deflector

Thrust reverser is used on modern aircraft engines for reducing the braking distance when landing. This operation, like the others, is tested on the test facilities. But in a closed test bench a gas flow directed towards the opposite workflow, can result the damage and displacement of the bench equipment.

Thrust reverser flow deflector is designed to redirect the flow of gases flowing when the engine thrust reverser is on in a closed test stand. 14 reflector sections deflect the flow volume up to 100 м3/sec of the gas in the direct opposite direction, after that the flow goes to the exhaust system of the test bench.

The complexity of the manufacturing and assembly is in its size. When the inner hollow core is required to maintain its rigidity, for that reason it is needed to add weight. But even with an increase in weight of the deflector, the assembly is required on the stocks with rigid retention of assembly elements.

When assembling the deflector for a major aircraft engine, one of the major questions is its transportation.

Tail cone

When testing an aircraft engine high-speed air flow, which moves through the motor circuits and beyond is produced. Equipment placed around the engine, creates in the flow sufficiently strong perturbations. Most close to the engine nozzle is a transition element of the test bench, on which hangs the engine itself. The tail cone is to be installed on the test bench transition element, in order to reduce air flow vortex disturbances from the engine.

The tail cone has a streamlined, calculated and verified shape and coated by high temperature paint to save the color coating in the flow of hot gases emanating from the engine.

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