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Project management

EL-SCADA, established in 2004 has great experience in the development and supply of measuring and test equipment, starting from the possibility of joint preparation of technical specifications for projects of any complexity, depending on customer requirements.

Our work on the project begins with an analysis and a search for the optimal solution of the problem, after the joint development with the customer we form a technical specification and we proceed to the design stage, taking into account:

  • required budget,
  • time frames of the project,
  • existing data base of hardware and software of the customer.

We work together with the customer to find the optimal solution and its implementation program that includes either new construction or modernization of the existing equipment, which ultimately allows the realization of a turnkey project with the subsequent fulfillment of the warranty.

Our technical center is a team of professionals in the fields of technology and test management provides customers with solutions in the field of test benches based on many years of experience.

Thus, we work with the customer from the development of project and design documentation to the turnkey delivery of the project and incurring warranty. EL-SCADA is reliable business partner with good reputation.

We provide comprehensive planning, control and logistics management of the project.

Project management is carried out by means of regular meetings and reports to the customer about the actions being performed, to manage the project budget according to internal standards.

Contract specialists are controlled by counterparty approval and implementation of the plan of supervision and inspection. Quality assurance, occupational safety and compliance with safety regulations are carried out on the basis of approved standards.

Our special design solutions for test benches are designed for process development and certification. Since certification requires accurate and reliable solutions, the supplied by EL-SCADA equipment meets the standards of certification testing. In addition, we provide the following services related to certification tests:

1. Confirmation of the quality and conformity of all products:

Certification and Declaration GOST R & Tech. Regulations;

  • Certificates Gazpromcert
  • Testing for approval of measuring means (Metrological Certificate)

2.Activities in the field of industrial and fire safety:

Certificates of Industrial Safety and Industrial Security Expertise

  • Certification and testing of explosion-proof equipment (Ex marking)
  • Certificates and Declaration of fire safety system
  • Chlorine safety certificates
  • Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision license

3. Documentation development

  • Development of technical specifications
  • Development of manuals
  • Development of programs and test procedures..

Пермская торгово-промышленная палатаThe Perm Chamber of Commerce

EL-SCADA is a member of the union, «The Perm Chamber of Commerce».

Членство в Союзе СРО Гильдии Пермских Проектировщиков

Membership in the Union of SRO «Perm Designers Guild » allows us to make the necessary types of design work:

  • Preparatory work for architectural solutions;
  • Preparatory work for constructive solutions.

Допуск СРО «Гильдии Пермских Строителей»

EL SCADA is approved by SROs’ “Perm Builders Guild” that a prerequisite for organizations working in the construction, including the especially dangerous and technically complex capital construction projects:

  • Preparatory and construction work;
  • internal and external water supply, sewerage, heating, gas, electricity networks;
  • Installation works;
  • commissioning works;
  • Work on construction, reconstruction and overhaul on the basis of a contract with legal entity or individual entrepreneur (general contractor).

Our customers: