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Temperature scanners

Temperature scanners EL-SCADA 4050 Series are widely used in turbine and diesel engines, compressors test cells, as well as other industrial environments where monitoring of the manufacturing activity process is needed.

The temperature scanner is totally autonomous module for the multipoint temperature measurement suitable for the data transmission via Ethernet. The EL-SCADA modules are available in versions that will accept 16, 32 or 64 shielded thermocouples.
The EL-SCADA has a stainless steel enclosure and as a rule it is typically mounted in close proximity to the test article, thus no extension cable is required.
The EL-SCADA reads thermocouples input signals and converts them to the digital signal by using 22-bit AD converter; 32-bit internal processing unit performs zero correction, range correction and sensors non-linearity accuracies. Temperature data are then output via 10-bit with TCP/IP protocol.

The EL-SCADA block diagram


16 channels
32 channels
64 channels
Plug-in thermocouple types B (platinum-rhodium — platinum-rhodium thermocouple)
E (chromel-constantan thermocouple)
J (iron-constantan thermocouple)
K (chromel –alumel thermocouple)
N (nichrosil-nisil thermocouple)
R (platinum platinum-rhodium thermocouple)
S (platinum platinum-rhodium thermocouple)
T (copper-to-constantan thermocouple)
Channel inputs 16 32 64
Accuracy ± 0,5ºС for thermocouple E, J, K, N and T types
± 2,0º С for thermocouple R and S
± 4,0ºС for thermocouple B (400ºС-1800ºС)
A/D resolution 22 bit (each channel)
Scan rate 40 samples/channel/sec 20 samples/channel/sec 10 samples/channel/sec
Power 28 Vdc
Power requirements 9 W (no heater)
70 W (with heater)
14 W (no heater)
140 W (with heater)
27 W (no heater)
Mating connector type Power: Bendix PTO6A-8-3S-SR (3-pin)
Ethernet: PTО6A-8-4S-SR (4-pin)
RS-232: JTO1RE8-6S-SR (6-pin)
Communication port Ethernet 10baseT
Protocol TCP/UDP
RS-232 (for the configuration)
Operating temperature Standard -10…60ºС
With heater -30…60ºС
Standard -10…60ºС
Dimensions (in mm) 342,9х157,2х129,9 304,8х273х121,3 566,93х273,05х126,19
Weight 5,91 (5,45) kg 6,59 (6,36) kg 11,36 (12,73) kg
Rep office in Russia Perm
Service centre Perm
Warranty period 1 year
EL-SCADA 4050 16 channels

EL-SCADA 4050 16 channels

EL-SCADA 4050 32 channels

EL-SCADA 4050 32 channels

EL-SCADA 4050 64 channels

EL-SCADA 4050 64 channels

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