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High temperature thermal indicators EL-SCADA MAP

Thermal indicators paints allow to analize the largest temperature impacts and temperature transitions on rotating and stationary objects, including such in a jet engine.

The main application of thermal indicators is to obtain reliable data on the maximum temperature values and its distribution on the internal surfaces of the engine combustion chamber walls, turbine blades, nozzle blades, fuel nozzles, etc.

Thermal indicators is widely used in almost all branches of industry and in research practice: in mechanical engineering, aviation industry, instrument making, radio electronics.

Thermal indicator is based on products that are sensitive to temperature. Thanks to this, the applied paint on the hard surface hardens when dried and when the temperature changes it is able to change its color on the surface of the test pattern. With this method of investigation, it is possible to determine exactly which temperature influenced the object under test (materials, engine, parts of the object).

Thermal indicator usage advantages:

  • Easy to use 

After coating the engine components with a thermal indicator, the test of the engine or stand objects is performed visually. When analyzing the test object, we can see the distribution of temperature fields and consider the presence of any particularly heated areas. With thermocouples such analysis is possible, only at points where direct contact with the object occurs. With thermal indicator, it is possible to measure the temperature distribution across the whole surface of the engine in a simple and easy way.

  • Expenses reduction

Testing the engine with thermal indicators allows you to cut costs by 70% and reduce the analysis time by 3 times.

Key opportunities to reduce costs:

— The cost of thermal indication paint is much less than the cost of installation (welding) of temperature sensors to the turbine

— When the temperature is applied to the indicator, it changes color within 5 minutes. This reduces the time for test analysis.

— The surface of the object is not disturbed

— The thermal indicator can be removed from the engine with a solvent and  the engine component can be reused for further temperature testing. When measuring with thermocouples, it is not possible to reuse the engine parts, because the surface of the test object is broken.

  • Wide temperature range  

The indicators provide accurate measurements in the temperature range from 30 ° C to 1280 ° C. The color transition of the thermal indications is ± 2 ° C.

  • Temperature measurement on rotating parts

The distribution of the temperature field on rotating parts, for example, on turbine blades, thermocouples and high-temperature pyrometers, is difficult and laborious to measure. Using thermal indicators for measuring the temperatures on the turbine blades is efficient and easy.

  • Gas flow resistance

The thermal indicator has a thickness of about 0.03 mm when applied. This technology has practically no effect on the aerodynamic characteristics of the engine under test, it does not interfere with the flow of gas.

EL-SCADA can offer 2 types of thermal indicators:

One-transitional Multi-transitional
Number of visible color transitions 1 up to 17
Temperature range, ˚С from +30˚С to +1270˚С from +105˚С to +1270˚С
Temperature measurement accuracy on the isotherm, ˚С ± 1˚С ± 6˚С

One-transitional thermal indicators

This type of thermal indicators, when a certain temperature is reached, dramatically changes its color to another and retains it when the ambient temperature is further lowered.

Fields of application:

— chemical industry

— petrochemical industry

— shipbuilding industry


— when applying it is not necessary to perform a complete cleaning of the surface from the previous coat of paint

— Resistant to oil, steam and hot water

— Fast speed of color change. Reaction time up to 5 min

— Bright and clear color contrast

— Resistance to atmospheric conditions (precipitation, UV radiation)

Multi-transitional ternal indicators

A multi-transitional thermal paint can show several color transitions for different temperatures. An analysis of this color transition is carried out using a color gradient. Indicator can have up to 17 color transitions in the temperature range from 105. . to .1280. °С.

Fields of application:

— aircraft industry

— missile industry

— testing of various engines, high-temperature turbines, high-temperature combustion chambers, gas turbines


— when applying it is not necessary to perform a complete cleaning of the surface from the previous coat of paint

— Resistance to oil, steam and hot water

— Fast speed of color change. Response time up to 5 minutes

— Bright and clear color contrast


 Please feel free to contact EL-SCADA manager for the selection of thermal indicators and for more detailed information about the product.

Жаровая труба камеры сгорания

Жаровая труба камеры сгорания

Жаровая труба камеры сгорания

Жаровая труба камеры сгорания

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Образец для проверки температуры

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